Extra virgin olive oil.



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2021 - A fantastic year! 

Our shop is unfortunately closed since November 15, 2021.


Your high quality olive oil 2021 is currently being bottled, before we send you your freshly harvested Just Olives olive oil home to you in December!

We are very grateful for the numerous orders in our third year and look forward to delighting you with our Just Olives olive oil soon!

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We asked our customers how they liked their Just Olives olive oil.
Here are the answers:
A very excellent character oil!

Just Olives is a very excellent olive oil from Tuscany.


It is a character oil in which a great deal

Greens, bitterness, and pepper stuck.


I prefer to use it with grilled dishes, for example with a flank steak.


What I also like very much are very fine noodles,
then a bit of dried mullet roe rubbed in
and then a little bit of this
wonderfully beautiful, juicy, green oil!

Bernhard Reiser, star chef at


About us

Our vision

At Just Olives, we believe in a sustainable world in which the production and consumption of olive oil are in harmony.

A transparent world in which "extra virgin" represents a reliable and special quality feature of olive oil.

A world full of pleasure in which every consumer appreciates the value of high-quality and healthy olive oil.


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Our concept

Freshly harvested olive oil straight to your home!

In our short video you will learn the most important things about our concept:

If you also want to find out everything about our concept and our farmers, just click here:

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With our concept, we want to ensure that you get freshly harvested top-quality olive oil delivered to your home , while sustainably supporting the organic farming of small farmers.

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What makes our olive oil so special?

We started looking for a uniquely fresh, healthy and really sustainably produced olive oil - driven by lack of transparency, disappointment and bad olive oil.


And we have indeed struck gold:


  • Cultivated in the Mediterranean landscape of Tuscany.

  • Cultivated with loving devotion by passionate small farmers.

  • Matured in sustainable agriculture, free from artificial fertilizers and genetic engineering.


This is our olive oil that we were looking for for so long and that we finally found in Italy.

An oil that we wanted to bring back to our family and friends with a clear conscience and full of conviction.

An oil that strengthened our conviction that everyone deserves a high quality olive oil.


And all of this motivates us to make our vision a reality.


If our "Just Olives" idea convinces you too, then you can now bring the freshly harvested taste of our organic olive oil and the unique lifestyle from Tuscany straight from the farmer to your home.

Our olive oil

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Interesting facts about olive oil

The topics of transparency and clarification are very important to us.

That is why it is particularly important to us on the one hand to increase your sensitivity and appreciation for really good olive oil, on the other hand to clear up myths and ignorance and to explain the true facts to you.


Because we are sure: only those who know more can understand better!


On our Instagram account justolives.oil we therefore constantly post exciting facts as well as the biggest myths about olive oil, delicious recipes and lots of interesting topics so that you can find out even more about olive oil!

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