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Just Olives News 05.08.2021

>> Summer greetings from the olive grove!

Dear olive oil friend,

The crickets are chirping, there is the smell of mild smoke, summer and sunscreen, the last rays of the evening sun can still be seen on the horizon and the first stars are slowly rising.

Such warm summer nights simply invite you to have a relaxed barbecue evening with friends.

Of course, it is important to have the right food. Delicious barbecue marinades, fresh antipasti and crisp salads are a must. You can prepare all these great dishes with your Just Olives olive oil and refine them excellently.

Maybe you are even wondering what a high-quality olive oil has to taste like in order to be a true taste experience.


What are the three characteristics of every extra virgin olive oil?

Every extra virgin olive oil should smell and taste fruity fresh and have a certain bitterness, and a warming spiciness in your throat.

These three properties are due to the healthy ingredients of olive oil, such as polyphenols. The fruitier and fresher, the more bitter and sharper your olive oil is, the better the quality. These three attributes are also responsible for why your olive oil from Just Olives tastes so delicious!


What is the current status in the olive grove?

Our three farmers are working at full speed to produce the best product - your Just Olives olive oil. Just like last year, they are again working with full passion and dedication.

And the olives are already thriving in the olive grove, the green fruits are ripening and getting bigger and bigger.

So it's high time to order your year's supply of olive oil now.

It's definitely worth being quick, because our special offer with 50% discount on our delicious olive leaf tea is only available for the next 7 orders.

Get that Mediterranean feeling in your teacup here.


When does the Just Olives online shop close?

Our shop closing for this year is already fixed, so you should keep that in mind. Maybe you are still missing a gift or you would like to order for your family and friends for evenings cooking delicious food together - no problem!

Our shop will be open for you until 14.11.2021.

>> Online Shop <<


We are looking forward to a wonderful summer season and of course already now to the harvest season 2021.

Summer greetings

Yours, Carmen, Christian and Cassian

Just Olives

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