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Just Olives News 23.10.2021 | Autumn Greetings

>> Autumn greetings from the olive grove!

Dear Olive Oil Friend,

The leaves on the trees are slowly turning a beautiful array of colours and it is gradually getting cooler, but the golden autumn sun still warms us with its rays. Autumn is here, and with it, the harvest season is of course approaching.

How is it in the olive grove?

News from our farmers: The harvest is coming soon

Our olive oil farmers have been very busy throughout the year, and soon they will be able to harvest their crop. Unfortunately, the summer was extremely dry this year with no rain for over three months. As a result, fewer olives grew on the trees and in particular, the Leccino olive variety suffered greatly. This means production losses for our farmers, however, what can be harvested will most likely be more intense in taste and smell.

Did you know that an olive tree yields on average only 6-7 kg of olives, from which a good litre of extra virgin olive oil can be pressed?

Calculated per hectare, that is just 50-60 litres of extra virgin olive oil. This means that the production costs of pure olive oil alone, without packaging, logistics and distribution costs, are significantly higher than the price level you know from a supermarket. This is just one more reason why high-quality olive oil cannot be offered at discount prices.

The following pictures show Giacomo (left) and Stefano (right) harvesting last year:


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Our online shop is open until Sunday, 14.11.2021. With your order you can support the small Tuscan farmers, pay them fairly for their hard work and at the same time do something good for yourself with our healthy Just Olives olive oil.

We offer olive oil sets in different sizes so there is a set for everyone. The tasting set of 3 is suitable for all curious people who want to learn about the Just Olives quality. Our standard size is the set of 6 as it covers your yearly needs perfectly. For families and real olive oil fans, we offer the set of 12. So, you're guaranteed not to be left running dry. 😉

And if you are already looking for the perfect Christmas gift and would like to combine it with wine, our new connoisseur's box with 6 bottles of Just Olives olive oil and 6 bottles of wine from Schlossweingut Stachlburg is just the thing!

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Autumn time is time for soups

As the temperatures are slowly getting colder, don't you also fancy a nice warm winter feeling in your tummy?

You can use fresh and health-promoting ingredients such as ginger, garlic and of course your Just Olives olive oil for your next delicious vegetable soup or hearty stew. These are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E. For example, we love this delicious Mediterranean pumpkin soup (recipe found on

And for those who don't know - olive oil can be a real health booster, as it can prevent heart disease and provide the body with healthy and important bitter substances and antioxidants.


Have fun with cooking this recipe and enjoy the beautiful autumn season!

Warm greetings

Your Carmen, Christian, and Cassian

Just Olives